Friday, June 12, 2009

Saving the World...One Cow Burp at a Time

This story was just too crazy not to share! The folks at Stonyfield Farm have been looking at their carbon footprint for some time. Stonyfield, the world's leading organic yogurt company, knew that the biggest carbon contributor in their overall footprint was the milk production itself. While they had worked to decrease carbon emissions from transportation, farm energy, etc., they figured they couldn't do much about their largest source of farm emissions - methane from cows. I mean, you can't green a cow...can you? Well, it turns out you can! Stonyfield learned about research from it's global partner, Groupe Danone, that indicated a diet higher in natural omega-3 sources would reduce the number of burps coming out of their cows. That is how the Stonyfield Greener Cow project was born. The result? Fewer methane emissions from the cows and milk with more omega-3s and lower saturated fat content. A win-win-win, for poeple, cows, and the planet!

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