Thursday, July 24, 2008

Word to Your Mother...

If you're a mom, a dad, or know any moms or dads, then you should check out the NatureMomsBlog - A Guide to Natural Family Life. It is written by Tiffany - Midwestern freelance writer and newspaper journalist, mother of three, cancer survivor and all-round guru of things that are green and natural. From book reviews to product reviews, parenting tips to project ideas - the NatureMomsBlog provides it all in a short, easy-to-read, interesting and organized format. Still not sure it's worth checking out? Well, are you interested in having less of an environmental impact while saving money, finding out about the latest BPA-free bottles for kids and adults, or how to detangle your child's hair without unknown frangrances? The NatureMomsBlog has covered all of the last three days! You've got to check it said so.

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