Monday, March 30, 2009

Do You Have a Health eHome?

WebMD and the nonprofit Healthy Child Healthy World have partnered to produce Health eHome. Wander through the kitchen, family room, bathroom, bedroom and even out to the yard and find out what items may be impacting your health or that of the environment. Click on the shower curtain in the bathroom, for example, and you'll get a short blurb on cleaning options and PVC health issues. Want to know more? You can click to watch a video about offgassing, or read about ways to prevent mold and allergies. Learn about the issues, test your knowledge and find out ways that you can take's all at the Health eHome!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Electronics Recycling Superguide

It is hard to keep up with which manufacturers and retailers offer which services for recycling your old electronics. PC Mag has developed a comprehensive list that can help you figure it all out! Their folks researched all of the major electronics manufacturers to find out what kinds of recycling programs they offer, where they are available, and whether there is a cost or opportunity for cash back associated with them. Also included in the Superguide are programs run by major retailers and opportunities for cash back or gift cards when you recycle your used electronics. It's all in the Electronics Recycling Guide...Landfill shmandfill!